Thursday, April 22, 2010

#8: 小蜜蜂!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Was almost hospitalized except for the fact that NUH didn't have enough hospital beds last Wednesday night. But Mount E was great, saw a specialist and am back stronger than ever! My awesome friend Celeste once told me whatever won't kill you will make you stronger, so here I am. Stronger.

Was introduced to this great game by the ever energetic Sarah Teo! Let's give her a big hand:) I still remember the day we played it. I was pretty new in the cell group and we had a zone prayer meeting at Anna's function room. Huge place at BTP. Whee!

Here's how to play it:

1. In a circle, the Game Master instructs each person to raise their left hand with palm facing upward.

2. Then, the Game Master tells everyone to put the index finger of their right hand in the center of the palm of the person to their right.

So far so good?

3. Game Master stands in the center and begins. It's a call and response kinda game.

It will go something like this :

Game Master: "小蜜蜂!"
Everyone: "嗡嗡嗡!"
Game Master: "小蜜蜂!"
Everyone: "嗡嗡嗡!"

4. It goes on like this until...

Game Master: "捉!"
Everyone: *Panics*

5. When Game Master shouts "捉!", everyone is supposed to squeeze their open left palm into a fist. The objective is to "catch" the right index finger of their neighbour. So super duper fun right?

6. Repeat Steps 2 - 5 until everyone has had enough fun for the day and you're ready to start cell group :)

Suitable for:
1. Anyone, everyone.

2. You want a game to wake sleepy/tired students/adults up.

Length of Game:
10 - 15 minutes is great. Lengthen if appropriate.

Complexity level:

Suitable number of people:
6 people and above

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! This ranks as one of my all time favourite game! With or without cell group. Haha.



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