Friday, March 19, 2010

#2: Hi John!

Everyone starts off having the same name, "John." As they get forfeited, they "evolve" into '1 dot', '2 dot', '3 dot' and so on, and dots are literally drawn onto their foreheads with either marker pens or toothpaste.

1. Sit in a circle, with around 5 people or more.

2. Going clockwise,
Person A speaks to Person B "Hello John!"
B to A: "Hi John!"
A to B: "Tell John:)"

B to C: "Hello John!"
C to B: "Hi John!"
B to C: "Tell John:)"

3. When a person misses a beat. They change their name and identity from "John" to "1 dot".

4. Using a marker, the game master marks a dot on the forehead as he adopts the new persona "1 dot".

5. Continuing clockwise:
B to 1 dot: "Hello 1 dot!"
1 dot to B: "Hi John!"
B to 1 dot: "Tell John."

1 dot to C: "Hello John!"
C to 1 dot: "Hi 1 dot!"
1 dot to C: "Tell John."

C to D: "Hello John!"
D to C: "Hi John!"
C to D: "Tell John:)"

You get the idea:)

5. If "1 dot" gets the penalty again, he upgrades to become "2 dot", and the game master kindly draws a second dot on his forehead.

Suitable for:
1. Cell groups needing a game that would really break the ice.

2. Attention and participation of all members.

Length of Game:
1. 10 - 15 minutes is sufficient to get a few people to do forfeits.

2. As this game is slightly more complex than the average, it's up to your discretion how long you'd like to play the game for.

Complexity level:

Suitable number of people:
5 peopl and above.



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