Friday, March 26, 2010

#5: Blow, wind, blow!

One of my all time favourites cos it's easy to play, requires no beforehand preparation and as a result, its a good game when your cell leader informs you at the last minute that you're supposed to lead games. Haha, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

1. Sit everyone down in a circle.

2. As the game-master, stand in the middle of the circle and explain the game briefly.

3. Begin with calling out a category, so you go:

Game Master: "Blow, wind, blow!"
Everyone: "Blow what?"
Game Master: "Blow all those who have coloured hair!"

4. All those with category called out must immediately exit the place they are seating and switch places with another person. The game-master must try his/her best to grab a seat.

5. The last person standing will continue with the same starting phrase and he/she goes:

Person A: "Blow, wind, blow!"
Everyone: "Blow what?"
Person A: "Blow all those who are wearing socks!"

6. And the people run and switch positions again.

1. When everyone is familiar with the game, call out 2 or 3 categories to shake things up a little, i.e. "Blow those who have coloured hair, permed hair and rebonded hair!"

2. Another way is to call those who don't have something, i.e. "Blow those who don't have a watch on them."

3. "Blow" everyone, i.e. "Blow all those who are human!"

Suitable for:
6 people and above.

Length of Game:
10 - 15 minutes is a good time to play. If you're really excited, extend the length of the game.

Complexity level:

Suitable number of people:
6 people and above.




  1. Also, under Variations, a common one would be to 'blow' everyone. E.g. "blow all those who are human!"

  2. Oh yes! Haha, "Blow all those who love God too! When there are no new friends." Awesome stuff! Thanks!