Saturday, March 27, 2010

#6: Big Lemon, Small Melon

This game is also one of my favourites. So far I've been blogging about my favourites cos they're the easiest to remember. And I like it because Big Lemon, Small Melon is a deceptively simple game.

But play it with a bunch of excited people/sleepy people/unenthusiastic people/happy people/new friends/old timers, which is what a typical cell consists of, together with the tongue twister, and seeing everyone turn into a bundle of nervous energy as they wait for their turn, it becomes a hilarious game perfect to add zest to a "dead" crowd to liven up the crowd before cell group begins.

This is even good for adults. Not too "dumb" but simple enough to grasp quickly. Guaranteed a good laugh and chuckle by the end of 5 rounds.

1. In a circle, make sure everyone listens attentively to the Game Master as he/she explains.

2. There are two phrases and actions we need to memorise in the game. Very simple.
a) Big Lemon
Phrase 1: "Big Lemon".
Action 1: Put both hands 10cm apart like you're grasping on to a ball of 10cm in diameter. This is Big Lemon.

b) Small Melon
Phrase 2: "Small Melon".
Action 2: Put both hands 70cm apart like you're holding on to a baby's plastic bathtub of that size. This is Small Melon ;) (Confused? That's the whole point of the game. Counter intuition! Haha.)

3.Going clockwise beginning from the Game Master, go clockwise like this:

Person A: "Big Lemon" with simultaneous action of a Big Lemon.
Person B: "Big Lemon" with simultaneous action of a Big Lemon.
Person C: "Big Lemon" with simultaneous action of a Big Lemon.

and so on.

4. To change direction, the person who wants to do so must call out a different fruit, in our case, Small Melon. So, continuing clockwise from above,

Person B: "Big Lemon" with simultaneous action of a Big Lemon.
Person C: "Big Lemon" with simultaneous action of a Big Lemon.
Person D: "Small Melon" with simultaneous action of a Small Melon.
(New fruit so next person to go counterclockwise.)
Person C: "Small Melon" with simultaneous action of a Small Melon.
Person B: "Small Melon" with simultaneous action of a Small Melon.
and so on.

5. You can change directions as frequently or infrequently as you want. No restrictions :)

6. The game pauses when one person stops for more than 3 seconds/ says the wrong fruit/ does the wrong action/ goes in the wrong direction/ does all of the above mentioned together.

7. As the Game Master, you decide if you want to have an immediate forfeit (i.e. clip a clothes peg to the face) or a delayed forfeit (i.e. where everyone accumulates forfeits and just before the game ends, do a forfeit together. Like 20 push-ups or a Chicken Dance.)

1. The game usually starts off slow and cautious as people warm up to it. As the game progresses, it naturally goes faster and faster. So one way to break the momentum and distract other people is do your action and say your fruit but look at the face of the person in the opposite direction of the flow. Haha, produces funny results cos humans are intuitive creatures.

2. Add a "skip" function. Use your Bible and quickly put it in front of you to "Skip". Allow it because some people get tired easily, or they get so excited, hyperventilate or even get a heart attack and faint. So "Skip" allows one to rest. But you can only do so once. And if you don't have a Bible, too bad, you can't skip.

Haha, great way to encourage people to bring Bibles. And iPhones are not allowed. They're too fragile anyway, you won't want to slam it down on the floor in front of you in your excited state. Hahaha. I do not take any responsibility for torn/crumpled/broken Bibles/iPhones to make myself clear. All risks undertaken are borne by the player/cell group. Haha.

3. If your cell group has been playing it for some time, throw in 2 new fruits!

a) Pungent Durian
Phrase 3: "Pungent Durian".
Action 3: It's two actions. So take note. One action for each word. First you pinch your nose and look like you've smell a durian. Second action is with your index fingers of both hands, poke the air randomly in all directions above your head rapidly. Like you're trapped in a crate of durians and are trying to punch holes out of the crate like a madman!
What the action does: Skip two people. (Note: Putting out the Bible only allows you to skip yourself. With Durian, the person next to you doesn't have to play either.)

b) Blackberry
Phrase 4: "Blackberry".
Action 4: Pretend you're smsing furiously and looking at your phone. Except there is no phone in your hands.
What the action does: Skip in the opposite direction.

Haha, this makes things very fun. People are forced to concentrate and remember. If it's too many fruits just introduce one or make everyone write down the 4 fruits on a piece of paper and put in front of them so they can refer to it and recall.

Suitable for:
1. Young and old. Rich and poor. Christian and non-Christian. In short, everyone! Haha.

2. I think this game is best when there is a good mix of people. Like very young ones, and very mature ones. In terms of age and also length of time in church. Good way to bond and gel as it is very simple.

3. Good for foreigners as it only uses 4 words and the rest is action.

4. Excellent for a sleepy cell group. Somedays you go in to the cell group location and everyone is just so sian. It's a spiritual thing, but also a physical thing. So drop whatever intricate game you've planned and settle for a zestful game like this!

Length of Game:
5 rounds or more depending on how much fun everyone is having. Need some time to warm up. So perhaps you can play until everyone is relaxed, laughing and generally alert enough to move on to cell group. Seriously. Sometimes it takes just 5 rounds, other times it takes 10-15 rounds. It might not be as long as you think cos we do not take into account how quickly/slowly people forfeit.

Complexity level:

Suitable number of people:6 people and above.




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  2. Thank you very much! Hope to find more games to post up in the future!