Friday, December 28, 2012

#10. Human Bingo

My friend Shiqi reminded me of this game when she informed me that her cell group played it during a Christmas party they had.

To be prepared before the game:
The required number of Human Bingo sheets. I find using Microsoft Excel an excellent and simple way of making it. Use the above as an example (click image to enlarge), you can copy it or modify accordingly.

1. The Game Master gives out the Human Bingo sheets, one sheet per person and distributes pens as well.

2. Each person will have to find a person who fulfills the criteria stated in a single box and get the person to write his/her name within the box.

3. The same person cannot write his/her name twice per sheet.

4. The person who has got 5 rows first wins and shouts "Bingo!" He/She wins.

1. If there are too few people, instead of 5 rows to win, 3 are enough.

Suitable for:
1. Anyone, everyone.

2. Especially if there are a lot of strangers together who don't know each other's names.

3. You want an interactive ice-breaker where everyone gets to participate.

Length of Game:
10 - 15 minutes is sufficient for a lot of fun. Extend/Shorten as appropriate.

Complexity level:

Suitable number of people:
Preferably a large group of 15 people and above.



Friday, April 30, 2010

#9: Come and follow me my friend! / 请你跟我这样做!

This is a game that we played today in cell group to hilarious results. My dear friend Celeste said that since everyone just finished their exams (we're in university, hence the odd timing for exams) we'll play a no-brainer game tonight.

But understand that Celeste is in medicine. And she's a genius. Hence a no-brainer game to her is a moderately difficult game for us, hence the level of difficulty this time round was "Medium" if you see below.

Haha, anyway, the original game begins in Chinese, but for the sake of everyone else, I'll do a bilingual version.

This game was super fun. Enjoy!

1. Everyone to sit in a circle, including Game Master.

2. Game Master demonstrates how to play the game by showing the group a 4-beat clapping rhythm.

Beat #1 - Both palms to slap thighs.
Beat #2 - Clap both hands together.
Beat #3 - Thumbs up sign to the right with right hand.
Beat #4 - Thumbs up sign to the left with left hand.

3. The rhythm is as follows:

a) DA-da 请你/Come and - Beat #1
b) DA-da 跟我/Follow - Beat #2
c) DA-da 这样/Me my - Beat #3
d) Da 做!/Friend! - Beat #4

4. The Game Master starts by reciting and setting the pace by clapping and saying,"请你跟我这样做/Come and follow me my friend!"
(Note that the game was originally in Chinese, so it'll be more fun in Chinese if your cell group is half-decent in Chinese.)

5. Everyone claps along, following the Game Master. Game Master remember to SMILE. It'll belie the moderate complexity of this game.

6. Begin to call people:

Game Master: "Rachel, 4!"
Rachel: "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel."
(Note: Chant according to the beat.)
Rachel: "Celeste, 3!"
(Note: This is done on the first two claps of the next set of 4 claps.)
Celeste: "Celeste, Celeste, Celeste."
(Note: Chant only to the first 3 claps, last clap is silent.)
Celeste: "Pauline, 1!"
Pauline: "Pauline."

And the game continues until someone misses a beat.

1. Change the individual names of the people like such:

a) Fruits - Apple, Orange, Pear, Grapes, Watermelon, Durian, Papaya.

b) Subjects in school - English, Chinese, History, Biology, Chemistry, Literature.

c) Colours - Yellow, Red, Indigo, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Ultraviolet.

d) Car Brands - Mercedes, Ferrari, Toyota, Aston Martin, BMW.

e) Books of the Bible - Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians
(NOTE: This is SUPER HIGH LEVEL and was what my friend Celeste made us play today. Thank God I was "Acts", that was simple enough. "Ephesians" was one incredible tongue twister. Haha. Try it!

Use your imagination!

2. Do it double beat! Numbers from 1 up to 8. So at each clap, you gotta say the name twice.

For example:

Celeste: "Pear 8!"

a) "Pear pear" - Beat #1
b) "Pear pear" - Beat #2
c) "Pear pear" - Beat #3
d) "Pear pear" - Beat #4

It'll be hilarious!

Suitable for:
1. Young and old.

2. Wake sleepy people up.

Length of Game:
10 - 15 minutes is great. Lengthen if appropriate.

Complexity level:

Suitable number of people:
6 people and above.

Try it out if you're bored with the usual games and you want a solid laugh. Especially try the last variation for an unique "spiritual" flavour. :P